Furniture Stand: Know your furniture before you buy

Baby Furniture

Baby furniture can be more fun to shop for than other home furniture. You have the excitement of planning for a new baby, and you can be more creative and whimsical than with furniture in other rooms of the house.

When buying baby furniture it is important to consider safety. This is one furniture purchase where you want to do your research. Check the furniture for a registered safety association sticker such as one from the Canadian Standards Association. And don’t buy used baby furniture unless you are completely sure that it meets current safety standards.

A poorly constructed crib can cause serious injury or even death. When buying a crib you should make sure that the railings are high enough that the child cannot lean over when standing and that the individual rails are spaced close enough together that the child’s head cannot fit in between. Most crib related injuries involve falls and getting stuck between the rails.

Changing tables can also lead to injury. Make sure your changing table has a safety strap to hold the child in place. It should also have a raised edge to prevent the child from rolling off. Make sure that you have one hand on your baby at all times when using a changing table.

When you are setting up baby furniture such as cribs and changing tables, be aware of where you are placing it. Make sure these items are not near anything that could potentially harm the baby. Keep baby furniture away from anything that could be pulled over and onto the child, from heaters that could cause burns, and from blinds with hanging cords. Any hanging cords should be tied up high and out of reach or cut off.