Furniture Stand: Know your furniture before you buy

Computer Furniture

The main piece of computer furniture you will need is a desk. Whether it is for your home office or to put in the living room for family use, a computer desk should have certain characteristics. It should have several compartments to hold the many components of a traditional personal computer. A compartment to hold the CPU or tower out of the way will prevent you from hitting it with your feet. A cutout section at the back of this compartment will allow easy access to the various ports and connections. The computer desk should allow room for all of your computer components. These can include a monitor, printer, speakers and mouse. Many desks also have an attached shelving unit for your papers, books and manuals.

A good chair is also an important piece of computer furniture. If you are not sitting comfortably with enough back support you could find yourself very sore at the end of your video game session. You should look for an adjustable back and height control on computer chairs.

Bookshelves, lamps and storage cabinets can also be considered computer furniture. These can be useful in performing your work and assisting your play on the computer.